SARIZON, est. 1988 and headquartered in New York, USA, is one of the leading pioneers of modern plastic pipelines, a multinational technology company and a premier solution provider specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of green building plumbing systems. Our primary products include PPR pipe for hot/cold water, underfloor heating system, pipe fittings, brass valve, manifold and etc. In a course of more than 30 years of the manufacturing process and having the experience and knowledge of experts in this field, our products are among the top quality of their kind in the international markets and provide practical, reliable and enduring solutions to multiple applications.


The brand name SARIZON is a combination of the Latin "Salutaris" prefix representing health and the English "Horizon" suffix indicating the future designed to lead and establish a new trend and benchmark of global health for all human beings. SARIZON's driving force is not only the profit, as much as the ambition to develop and create innovative products of high technology, under strict standards and quality certification. Philosophy of management and executives of the company was and remains the complete harmonization of the production with the requirements of stringent regulations and certification, but also with the needs of SARIZON's clients.


We are a global leader and provider in distribution of the world's most advanced plastic piping solutions. SARIZON develops and produces both standard and tailored products that meet our customers' most demanding expectations. By participating in international exhibitions, including AHR EXPO in America, Canton Fair in China, the Big 5 Show in Dubai, Aquatherm in Europe and with certified products by international and famous institutes, SARIZON's products have already been sold to qualitative demanding international markets such as Canada, UK, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam and many other countries. Best price with quality that can be trusted will be guaranteed to our customers.